Elements of Decision Making

Introduction Decision making is a common cognitive process. It is generally the process of evaluating alternatives and choosing a course of action. It is a systematic way of thinking about and solving problems. Decision making is one of the most important, difficult and essential skills. Decisions can be at personal level or at work. There … Read more

What are different Business Strategies ?


INTRODUCTION TO BUSINESS STRATEGIES Business Strategies generally focuses on improving the competitive position of a company,   business unit or products/services within a specific industry. Strategies directly affect the corporate strategies of the company as the business unit’s performance directly reflects the company’s overall performance. Business strategies can be competitive or cooperative. Competitive nature deals with … Read more

Business Policy: Introduction


INTRODUCTION The history of Business Policy can be traced back to 1911 when Harvard Business School introduced an integrative course in management aimed at providing general management capability. In 1969, the American Assembly of Collegiate Schools of Business, a regulatory body for business school, made the course of business policy mandatory requirement for the purpose … Read more