Human Resource Management Objective Question

This article presents the multiple-choice questions for the Human Resource Management course. We have collected and compiled these MCQs from different online and offline media. Human Resource Management is the process of ____________. Human Resource Management is concerned with: Personnel management is often associated with______________ Human Resource Management is important because: Human Resource Management is … Read more

Job Rotation: Objective, Benefits and Types

JOB ROTATION objective, benefits and types

Introduction Job rotation is a management strategy that involves moving employees from one position to another in order to familiarize them with all organizational divisions. It refers to the process of rotating employees between two or more jobs in the same organization. Rotating jobs allows individuals to gain new skills, the capacity to take on … Read more


Human resource planning process

Introduction to Human Resource Planning (HRP) Planning, in general, involves analyzing the present and preparing for the future. It is done to achieve a certain goal or objectives in the future. Human resource includes the knowledge, skills, and abilities possessed by the individuals working inside the organization. Collectively, human resource planning involves the planning of … Read more

What is Human Resource Management ? Objectives and Functions of Human Resource Management

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Human Resource Management: Introduction Human beings are one for the major components of any organizational/ institutional ecosystem. The capacity  and ability of humans to perform and to manage, determine the extent of the organization. Humans acquire the capacity and ability to perfirm from continuous learning and experience. Later, we, humans, carry forward this learning and … Read more