Management Accounting MCQs

Here is the list of multiple-choice questions for the management accounting course. The MCQs are collected and compiled from different online and offline sources. What is management accounting? What is the main objective of management accounting? Which of the following is NOT a tool used in management accounting? The function of management accounting that involves … Read more

What is Management Accounting ?

Scope of Management Accounting

Introduction Management accounting is the process of preparing financial statements, internal reports, and documents which assists the management body to make better decisions related to performance of a business. The primary goal of this accounting is to provide relevant information to the management to frame the policies and help in the decision making process. Identification, … Read more

Financial Accounting vs Management Accounting

Financial accounting and managerial accounting

Definitions Management Accounting involves preparing reports about business operations which later helps managers make short term and long term strategies and decisions. Meanwhile, Financial Accounting is a branch of accounting which involves recording, summarizing, and reporting of the transactions from business operations over a period of time. Characteristics Financial Accounting  Management Accounting Money TransactionHistorical NatureLegal … Read more