Major areas of Finance

Finance Major Areas

Introduction Finance deals with management of money, assets and resources to optimize wealth, mitigate risks and achieve financial goals. Finance plays an important role in defining and shaping the economic landscape of an individual, an organization and an entire nation. It encompasses a diverse range of scope with distinct focus and significance. Finance incorporates personal … Read more

What is Herd Behavior ? Meaning and Characteristics


Introduction Herd behavior is a very common phenomenon which we can observe in the financial market, fashion trends and during crisis situations. This behavior reflects the complexities of human behavior and indicates how an individual navigates during collective influence. Herd behavior refers to the tendency of individuals to follow and imitate the decisions, actions and … Read more

Difference between Data Mining and Data Analytics

Difference Between Data Mining vs Data Analytics

Introduction Data mining and Data Analytics has become an integral part of modern economy. Advancement in technology has revolutionized nearly every aspect of human life. We live in the most fascinating era of technology where we are experiencing rapid technological advancement, global connectivity, ubiquitous computing and mobile revolution, automation and artificial intelligence and disruptive innovations … Read more

Speculative Assets : Definition and Characteristics


What do you mean by Speculative Assets ? Speculative assets are financial investments which have an expectation of generating profits from price appreciation. Investors invest in such assets believing that the asset’s price will increase in future over a specific period of time, letting investors sell the asset at higher price, realizing profit. There are … Read more

Understanding Financial Freedom


Introduction Financial freedom or financial autonomy is an important concept.  It reflects the autonomy of an individual over their financial circumstances. Financial freedom allows individuals to lead their lives on their own terms driven by their independent financial decisions. It is an empowering concept which motivates individuals to be aware and informed and to make … Read more

Financial Freedom Made Simple: Proven Steps to Solve Your Money Problems


Financial Freedom Financial problems and challenges are something that almost everyone experiences at some point in their lives. The stress and worry that accompany these issues can be overwhelming, but it’s important to remember that there is almost always a way out. Whether you find the solution on your own or seek the perspective of … Read more

Benefits of Arbitrage

Arbitration Benefits

Let’s first spend a minute comprehending arbitrage conceptually before moving on to understanding its benefits. Arbitrage is a very well-liked financial tactic that allows an individual, trader, or arbitrageur to earn profit without taking any risks.  It’s crucial to note that this risk-free return may be generated simply by utilizing the price discrepancy between the … Read more

Types of Arbitrage

Arbitration Types

Different Types of Arbitrage There are various forms of arbitrage possibilities spanning different tradeable marketplaces, even though arbitrage often refers to trading opportunities in financial markets. These include statistical arbitrage, negative arbitrage, retail arbitrage, convertible arbitrage, and risk arbitrage. Risk Arbitrage This type of arbitrage is also known as merger arbitrage because it involves purchasing … Read more

Arbitration: Meaning and Characteristics

Introduction Arbitration is the scenario of buying something at a lower price in one place and selling it with profit in another price. It is a very common and tactical practice of taking advantage of price differences for the same assets in different markets to make profits with minimum risk. For instance, you see a … Read more