Business Communication and Its Importance

Introduction Communication is an important concept. It is simply an exchange of understanding, expressions and ideas between receiver and sender in a mutual way. In a business context, communication is very crucial and it needs to be effective.  An organization involves people working in a particular system or order to achieve a mutual goal. Business … Read more

Best Accounting Software So Far [2023 Edition]

Introduction to Accounting Software Accounting Software have become an integral part of modern business. One cannot expect a smooth business operation without one. Such software is fundamental for any business , regardless of the size and the nature of the business. Account software is crucial in facilitating various financial tasks and streamlining operations of the … Read more

What is Herd Behavior ? Meaning and Characteristics


Introduction Herd behavior is a very common phenomenon which we can observe in the financial market, fashion trends and during crisis situations. This behavior reflects the complexities of human behavior and indicates how an individual navigates during collective influence. Herd behavior refers to the tendency of individuals to follow and imitate the decisions, actions and … Read more

Difference between Data Mining and Data Analytics

Difference Between Data Mining vs Data Analytics

Introduction Data mining and Data Analytics has become an integral part of modern economy. Advancement in technology has revolutionized nearly every aspect of human life. We live in the most fascinating era of technology where we are experiencing rapid technological advancement, global connectivity, ubiquitous computing and mobile revolution, automation and artificial intelligence and disruptive innovations … Read more

How you should prepare for your next ServiceNow interviews

ServiceNow Interview Preparation

Introduction ServiceNow is a cloud computing based software company. The company was founded by Fred Luddy in 2003 and is working heavily on defining, managing, automating and structuring IT structures. The company provides its services in different domains such as IT, human resources, security, service delivery, customer service and business applications. Preparing for ServiceNow Interviews … Read more

Limitations of VRIO Framework


Introduction VRIO stands for Value, Rarity, Imitability, and Organization. The VRIO framework is an analytical tool in the strategic planning and formulation. This framework enables assessment, analysis and evaluation of the available resources and capabilities of the company to determine the competitive advantage of the company. Value: Value refers to the resources and capabilities which … Read more

Stock Market Terminologies

Stock Market Terminologies

Introduction Stock market information has wide exposure in today’s world. From newspapers to news channels, from your friends’ social media posts to social media influencers, everybody is talking about stock market and stock market related topics.  Stock market is a dynamic environment. It has something to offer to everyone interested. Before entering and investing in … Read more

Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs


Introduction Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs is one the most prominent management theories of contemporary times. American psychologist Abraham Maslow presented a comprehensive framework for understanding human motivation and behavior. Maslow observed and identified human needs and organized those needs into a hierarchical structure.  Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs shapes our understanding of individual and collective aspirations, … Read more

List of Management Theories

Introduction The concept of “management” is dynamic in nature. Management deals with human association and behavior hence, having a constant opinion is very non-scientific. Such theories are the evidence of ever changing human behavior. By examining and evaluating the  evolution of management thought, the diverse range of theories have emerged over time. These theories play … Read more