Disadvantage of corporate form of Business

Which one of the following is a disadvantage of the corporate form of business? 1. Limited liability for shareholders 2. Ability to raise capital through issuing stocks 3. Double taxation of profits 4. Ease of transfer of ownership Option C is the answer. Double Taxation is the disadvantage of the corporate form of business. To … Read more

Importance of Insurance


Why is it important to have Insurance ?  Introduction Insurance is a safety arrangement for unexpected problems like health issues or accidents. Insurance can be defined as a financial arrangement which provides protection against financial losses and uncertainties in exchange for regular premium payments. It is a contractual agreement between two parties i.e. individual/entity and … Read more

Implications of BCG Matrix


Introduction The BCG Matrix is a strategic management tool. It was developed by Boston Consulting Group as a framework for analyzing a company’s portfolio based on two factors. The BCG Matrix has a wide range of implications. This stands as a significant strategic framework for understanding the business and managing its unit/product portfolio. This matrix … Read more

MCQs For BCG Matrix


This article includes multiple choice questions (MCQs) on BCG Matrix : What does BCG stand for in the BCG Matrix? In the BCG Matrix,_________ quadrant represents high market share and high market growth. The BCG Matrix suggests a “Build” strategy for products in the __________ quadrant. What is the primary purpose of the BCG Matrix? … Read more

Business Communication and Its Importance

Introduction Communication is an important concept. It is simply an exchange of understanding, expressions and ideas between receiver and sender in a mutual way. In a business context, communication is very crucial and it needs to be effective.  An organization involves people working in a particular system or order to achieve a mutual goal. Business … Read more

Labeling as a Marketing Tool

Introduction Labeling serves as a powerful marketing tool in brand building. It is a contemporary tool for modern day marketing. Labels are now much more than just informational tags. Labels are now a tool for brand identity, a space for product attributes and above all an strategic approach to connect with the target audience. Labeling … Read more

Best Accounting Software So Far [2023 Edition]

Introduction Accounting Software have become an integral part of modern business. One cannot expect a smooth business operation without one. Such software is fundamental for any business , regardless of the size and the nature of the business. Account software is crucial in facilitating various financial tasks and streamlining operations of the businesses and corporations. … Read more


The concept of the gray market involves conducting market operations outside the formal authorized setting. This concept is very common among the market participants. Sometimes exchange or trade of stock takes place prior to the stocks being listed in any authorized market, based on speculation. Such a market stands as a gray market.  Some of … Read more

What is a Gray Market ?


Introduction Gray market is a market economy concept. It can be defined as a marketplace where the transaction of goods (stocks and commodities) take place through unauthorized channels, which may not be officially recognized. In simpler terms, any market place that is not officially recognized, may or may not be legal, is a gray market.  … Read more