Difference Between Recession and Inflation

Difference Between Recession and Inflation

Introduction Recession and inflation are two very commonly misunderstood terms. Most of the time, people use these terms as synonyms but they represent different situations in an economy. Both of them have certain defined characteristics. Recession is an economic condition which is characterized by a widespread decrease in various economic indicators, such as gross domestic … Read more

What is Money Laundering?

money laundering

Introduction Money laundering is an illegal practice of making the illegitimately obtained money into legitimate money, typically through complex financial transactions. Money laundering hides the true source of money. The main purpose of money laundering is to create a veil of legitimacy around the illicit funds. Money laundering involves taking money or assets that were … Read more

What is De-dollarization? Meaning and Reasons


Introduction Before we go into the growing concept of de-dollarization, it is necessary to understand the concept of dollarization. In simple terms, dollarization means the widespread use of the U.S. currency (dollar) as a medium of exchange, store of value, or unit of account in and during international transactions. Economist Steve H. Hanke popularized this … Read more

2G Spectrum Scam

reasons for 2G spectrum Scam

Introduction The 2G Spectrum Scam is one the biggest financial scams that took place in India in 2008. This scam cost about Rs. 1.76 lakh crore to the Indian treasury. This scam is related to allocation or distribution of licenses of 2G mobile phone spectrum to certain companies by government authorities. This scam reflects the … Read more

The Wall Street Crash of 1929

Black Tuesday Crisis

Introduction Wall Street is symbolized as the world’s largest financial market. It is one of the most important financial centers in the world. It is the center of many important financial activities, including stock trading, mergers and acquisitions, initial public offerings (IPOs), and other forms of investment banking. Introduction to The Wall Street Crash of … Read more

Top Careers in Finance ( In Detail )


Introduction Finance, as an educational discipline, is a broad topic that includes a variety of career opportunities. A financial professional is among the highest paying job in any job market. The knowledge of finance is very much essential for individuals, businesses, and the government for the management of money and other financial resources. The substantial … Read more

What is Public Debt Sustainability ?

Public Debt

Introduction Public debt refers to the amount of money that a government borrows to finance its spending when tax revenues are not sufficient. It is one of the most important sources of funds to finance the development plans. A government can incur debt through various means. This includes borrowing from domestic or foreign sources, issuing … Read more

Mutual Funds in India

Mutual Funds in India

Introduction to Mutual Fund A mutual fund is a kind of investment instrument. In Mutual fund manager collects funds from numerous individuals to buy securities, usually with the intention of achieving diversity and expert management. Investment firms often administer mutual funds, which are subject to laws intended to safeguard investors. Investors have the option to … Read more

What is Corporate Bonds ?


Corporate Bonds Any bond is a debt obligation. A bond is also an alternative source of finance. To define a corporate bond, it is a debt obligation issued by a corporation or business to raise funds. Corporate bonds are used for financing ongoing operations, M&A and business expansion. Corporate Bonds VS Stocks Buying a stock means … Read more

Forward Rate vs. Spot Rate


Introduction Forward rates and spot rates are important and related concepts in finance that refer to the future and current prices of financial instruments, such as currencies or bonds.  Forward Rate The forward rate is the price at which a financial instrument can be bought or sold for delivery at a future date. It reflects … Read more