“SHARKS” of Shark Tank India (Investor Panel)


Shark Tank India is a reality show aired in Sony Television Network in December 2021. This is one of the most promising shows of recent time. In this show, aspiring entrepreneurs from all over India pitch their business ideas and model to a panel of investors and persuade them to invest their money in the business. Shark Tank India gained popularity in no time. This show perfectly complemented the growing innovative and entrepreneurial environment of India. Sources has mentioned that 198 businesses pitched their ideas in the show and 68 business actually got the deals this season. There were seven most promising figures of young India sitting on investor panel. All these seven investors are ‘sharks’ of this show Shark Tank India.

This show has sparked the entrepreneurial sentiment of Indian society and has played a crucial role in normalizing and motivating the entrepreneurial conversation in the society. Shark Tank India and Sharks (The Investor Panel) have a great content to learn from. Journey of each shark is an experience of its own. This article is for all the sharks of this show.

This article includes a brief introduction to all the ‘sharks’ of Shark Tank India. the list of all the sharks are:

  1. Ashneer Grover
  2. Anupam Mittal
  3. Aman Gupta
  4. Vineeta Singh
  5. Namita Thapar
  6. Ghazal Alagh
  7. Peyush Bansal

Anupam Mittal

Anupam Mittal is one of the sharks of Shark Tank India. He is also the Founder and CEO of People Group. We all know him before Shark Tank India from his very famous Venture Shaadi.com.

Personal Information

NameAnupam Mittal
Date of Birth23rd December, 1971
Parents NameGopal Krishna Mittal and Bhagwati Devi Mittal
Spouse NameAanchal Kumar
EducationMBA in Operations and Strategic Management (Boston College)
BusinessFounder and CEO of People Group
Founder and CEO of Shaadi.com

Anupam is one of the investors (sharks) in Shark Tank India. His entrepreneurial journey has made him stand to this position. Anupam started his journey since a very young age as he belongs to a business family. He worked with this father in a export business which didn’t take off successfully. He also went to Europe for business and failed. After this, he went to USA to try his American Dream but he didn’t get what he needed. He stayed in U.S. and completed MBA in Operations and Strategic Management.

In 1997, he started his journey of a matrimonial site sagai.com (now shaadi.com) and never looked back. Now he is the Founder and CEO of People Group and he is an active investor for many startup businesses.

Anupam started his journey of sagai.com when his family started to find matches for him for his marriage through a marriage broker. He saw this an opportunity with future potential i.e. finding partners online, invested all his savings into this. Despite the challenges of starting a web-based business during the time when web was not a thing was tough.

In early 2000, there was an implosion of internet in whole world and the journey of shaadi.com started. Along with this, Anupam Mittal owns the Mauj Mobile, TikTok alternative in India and he also owns 2 % shares in Ola Cabs. He has invested in more than 105 business.

Anupam Mittal has a net worth of $40 million in 2021.

Aman Gupta

Anupam Gupta is another shark of Shark Tank India pilot season. He is a co-founder and Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) of boAt company. He is one of the rising entrepreneurs and a promising angel investor.

Personal Information

NameAman Gupta
Date of Birth20th September, 1999
Parents NameNeeraj Gupta and Jyoti Kochar Gupta
Spouse NamePriya Dagar
EducationMBA in Finance and Strategy (Indian School of Business )
MBA in General Management and Marketing ( Kellogg Graduate School of Management)
Chartered Accountancy
BusinessCo-founder and Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) of boAt company.

Aman Gupta belongs to a family of Chartered Accountants and he has a strong academic background. Mr. Gupta has two MBA degrees from renowned universities and he is also a certified Chartered Accountant. He started his working career as an assistant manager at Citibank in early 2000s.

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