Commercial Banks: Objectives, Functions, and Challenges

Commercial Banks: Objectives, Functions, and Challenges

Commercial Banks are one of the categories of the financial institutions. It is a profit-based financial institution that offers loans and offers deposits from individuals or institutions and offers various financial services. Commercial Banks play a very prominent role in the financial development of the country. And also, if you want to have an upper … Read more

Roles of Commercial Banks in Economic Development

Roles of Commercial Banks in Economic Development

Introduction Commercial banks hold an important position in the economic development of a country. Commercial banks are the major participants in a financial system and are major stakeholder of economic activities in an economy. They are one of the most prominent institutions that play a decisive role in the development of individuals and businesses. In … Read more

Management Dictionary (A to Z Glossary)

Management Dictionary

Management Terms and Definitions from A A Activity Based Cost ABC accounting procedures that can quantify the true profitability of different activities by identifying their actual costs. Actuary An entity or business professional that computes and analyzes the financial performance and consequences of risk in scientifically and statistically. Acquisition The act of obtaining or buying … Read more

Bank Risks: Introduction and Types


Introduction Banks and the banking system play a significant role in the economic development of any country. Banks are crucial because they are directly exposed in the market, they deal with the money i.e. liquidity in the market and they act as the intermediaries between various individuals and firms. Due to such functionality, banks and … Read more

Accounting Concepts and Principles


Accounting Concepts and Principles Such Concepts include the basic premises or conditions upon which discipline of accounting is based. Accounting Concepts and Principles are set of broad practices that provide a basic framework for financial reporting. These concepts and principles provide consistency in accounting practices and ensure the reliability of financial reporting. Some of the … Read more

Mental Accounting [PPT]

BEHAVIOURAL FINANCE Mental Accounting is the set of cognitive operations used by individuals and households to organize, evaluate, and keep track of financial activities. It is one of the Heuristics i.e. mental shortcuts to make a judgment. Mental Accounting was proposed by Richard Thaler. He has Nobel Prize for his contribution to Economic Sciences.