Programmatic Advertising : Meaning and Benefits

Programmatic Advertising Programmatic advertising involves buying digital media space with the help of automated technology and algorithmic tools. It is related to the process of buying and selling an advertising space with strategic caution. Through this form of advertising, businesses can advertise on digital screens. Advertisers automate the entire process, defining the parameters of purchasing … Read more

Omnichannel Marketing Integration

Omnichannel Marketing Integration Omnichannel marketing is the marketing strategy where a customer -centric approach provides a seamless experience to the customers. The main purpose of such marketing effort is to provide consistent brand experience to its customers across multiple marketing channels, online and offline. Online Channel Offline Channel WebsiteMobile AppSocial MediaEmail MarketingOnline AdvertisingChatbots and Live … Read more

Elements of Social Commerce

Social Commerce The buying and selling of products and services through social media platforms is called social commerce. It is also part of e-commerce. Different social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram act as storefronts to sell products and services. Shoppers can discover and purchase the products from their choice of social media platform. With … Read more

Elements of Emotional Branding

Emotional branding Emotional branding is the marketing strategy used by companies that focuses on connecting the customer’s emotions along with their needs and aspirations through their products and services. The company wants to create a strong bond between its brand and customers by understanding the emotional needs of the customers. Companies and brands provoke different … Read more

Labeling as a Marketing Tool

Introduction Labeling serves as a powerful marketing tool in brand building. It is a contemporary tool for modern day marketing. Labels are now much more than just informational tags. Labels are now a tool for brand identity, a space for product attributes and above all an strategic approach to connect with the target audience. Labeling … Read more

Limitations of Publicity Marketing

Limitations of Publicity Marketing

What is Publicity in Marketing ?  Publicity marketing is a strategic effort to create buzz and awareness about a business, products or offerings by leveraging media channels and platforms. It is  the process of leveraging media channels to communicate a message, generate interest, and build credibility for the business, products or offerings. Some of the … Read more

Content Marketing – Requirements and Types


Introduction The marketing world is one of the biggest beneficiaries of technological evolution. Now many brands and marketers focus more on digital marketing, especially content marketing, than traditional marketing forms. As the brands know that billions of people spend a lot of their time watching different types of content on social media and video-sharing platforms, … Read more

Scarcity Marketing Tactics: Benefits & Drawbacks


Let’s look at the benefits and drawbacks of scarcity marketing to assist better grasp how it might impact a business: Benefits Soared Demand for the product or service Scarcity marketing frequently raises the demand for items and services by reducing their availability and increasing their exclusivity. When customers share limited-edition items or discounts with others, … Read more

Scarcity Marketing Techniques

Scarcity Marketing Techniques

Types of Scarcity Marketing Techniques Businesses actively utilize the strategy of scarcity marketing to communicate a sense of urgency and establish the perception of limited availability for their goods and services. By emphasizing limited stock or time-limited deals, companies aim to stimulate demand and increase sales. This strategy is rooted in the psychological concept that … Read more

What is Scarcity Marketing ?

Scarcity Marketing Target

Introduction to Scarcity Marketing The base of scarcity marketing lies on the principle of scarcity. This means, scarcity creates a sense of urgency and this leads to increase in demand. It is a marketing strategy which persuades people to buy a product or take advantage of the deal before it becomes scarce or expires. In … Read more