mcqs for business research methods

Here is the list of multiple-choice questions for the Business Research Methods course. The MCQs are collected and compiled from different online and offline sources. Which of the following is not a type of research? Research is a ______________ process. _____________ is not a type of research. What is the difference between qualitative and quantitative … Read more


Tesla SWOT Analysis

Introduction Tesla, Inc. is a multinational American vehicle and clean energy company based in Austin, Texas. It produces solar panels, solar roof tiles, electric vehicles (cars and trucks), and battery energy storage systems. By 2023, Tesla will become the world’s most valuable automaker and one of the most valuable companies globally. In 2022, Tesla held … Read more

Why Performance Appraisal ?

Importance of Performance Appraisal

Introduction Performance appraisal is a formal assessment in an organization to access and measure the performance and productivity of each individual employee. It is also known as performance evaluation or performance review. Performance appraisal is one of the roles and responsibilities of HR managers. It involves the systematic evaluation and documentation of an individual’s behavior … Read more

Important Roles and Responsibilities of HR Managers

Roles and responsibilities of Human Resource Managers

Introduction Human Resource Managers i.e. HR Managers are professionals who are responsible for  overseeing and managing the employees and human resources of an organization. In modern times, HR managers are involved in various significant functions of an organization. They are responsible for recruitment, career development, compensation and remunerations, benefits, employee relation and retention, industrial relations, … Read more

Human Resource Management Functions

Human Resource Management Functions

Functions of Human Resource Management It is well established that HRM is a defined function in any organization. It is required at all levels of organization. Top level management are responsible for formation of strategies and their application whereas other levels execute the formed strategies. Some of the functions of HRM can be classified into: … Read more

Best Business Schools in India [2023 Edition]

Best colleges for MBA

Introduction The Master of Business Administration (MBA) course has been the golden course for all the aspiring graduates across the world. In India, pursuing a MBA degree has become a mantra to success. Every undergraduate student wants to pursue an MBA as a graduate degree.  The growing economy, modern economic transformation, exponential growth in technology, … Read more

Public Relation (PR) vs Publicity

Public Relation vs Publicity

Introduction Advertisement is one of the important components of a marketing function. Public relation and publicity are two very essential components of advertisement strategy. Both of these factors help in shaping and defining the image of an individual, product, organization or a brand.  Public relation is more inclined towards the strategy and may require strategic … Read more

Progressive Tax & Regressive Tax

Difference between progressive and regressive taxation

Introduction Taxation is essential for any modern economy. It is a major source of income for the government. There are multiple ways taxation is categorized into. Progressive Taxation and Regressive taxation are two of such categories one the basis of progressivity. Progressive taxation and Regressive Taxation exhibit contrasting characteristics and impact taxpayers in completely different … Read more

Venture Capital vs Angel Investor

difference between venture capital and angel investor

Introduction Venture Capital and Angel Investor are two crucial financing sources in an entrepreneurial ecosystem. Both of these aim to support promising startups and drive innovation. In layman terms, both of these financing sources are used synonymously and most of the time misunderstood. Venture capital firms are institutional investors whereas angel investors are typically affluent … Read more

Difference Between Direct and Indirect Tax


Introduction to taxation Taxation is a major source for the government to generate revenue for expenditure and operations. Hence, taxation is a very important concept in the modern economy. It is necessary to understand the concept of taxation along with its components and implications. Taxation has been classified in different manner considering its scope and … Read more