Digital Marketing : Benefits and Fundamentals

Introduction to Digital Marketing

American Marketing Association (AMA) has defined digital marketing as a marketing method conducted through electronic devices which utilize some form of computer system.

Digital marketing is the act of promoting, marketing and selling products and services by utilizing online marketing tactics. It is one the most tactical and strategic decisions to consider digital marketing for the business. Businesses can reach a global audience with the help of this marketing techniques and can operate in the most cost-effective, scalable and measurable manner. Another major consideration for digital marketing is its ability to properly communicate and connect to the business prospect. This marketing makes marketing efforts borderless and businesses can thrive with no boundaries.

Benefits of Digital Marketing

Increased Recognition

Digital platform increases the reach of marketing content i.e. more stakeholders and potential customers will have the exposure towards the content. Such marketing will address the broader audience. Broader audiences will attract more response and brand recognition and awareness will increase due to this marketing.

More Inbound Traffic

Digital marketing is a cost effective approach for exposing content to a wide audience. Wider exposure will definitely increase the awareness towards the content, leading more people to emotionally connect towards the content. Eventually, there is comparatively more traffic to the content, engaging customer customers. 

Higher Degree of Customer Satisfaction

This marketing allows marketers to promote products and services to the global audience. In a similar way, this marketing allows marketers to collect the response from the global audience. Due to its digital presence, marketers can collect responses in no time. Such real-time responses will lead marketers to change or adapt to product and marketing strategies. Eventually, listening to what customers have to say and following it will lead to a higher degree of customer satisfaction.

Improved Brand Loyalty

Digital marketing is a great strategy for building the awareness, trust and loyalty with the customers. Marketers can increase brand loyalty among customers by serving them well and  building a good relationship. Introducing loyalty and reward programs, focusing on customer service, boosting customer experience, handling grievances well and celebrating and sharing with customers will increase brand loyalty. This marketing is an effective platform for managing all these.

Cost Effective

When it comes to reaching a larger audience with minimum effort and resources, depending on a tech-based channel (platform) is good. Such marketing helps marketers to reach a larger audience across any border in no time. With this marketing, we can do all marketing activities at lowest cost which any other medium cannot. This marketing overcomes all shortcomings of other channels.

High Business Credibility

Customers believe what they see. Such marketing allows customers to experience and interact with the business. Marketers can go niche and public with the help of this marketing and in both the cases, customers are the center focus. Those business mediums, contents, approaches which allow customers to connect, build a special credibility among the customers. This marketing allows businesses to have higher credibility among customers.

Informed Stakeholders

Digital marketing not only keeps customers informed about the products and services. Such marketing strategies also keep competitors, partners, governing and regulatory bodies aware. Information is assimilated in no time to all those parties who are interested. Such transfer of information allows competitors to look forward to what and how competition is doing, allows partners what value it can add to the existing strategies, allows regulators what wrong is happening and how can it be improved. This makes the industry more informed and aware for good.

Fundamentals of Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is a broader concept. To understand the potential of digital marketing, we must understand its fundamentals. Some of the important fundamental concepts of digital marketing are:

  1. Search Engine Optimization
  2. Online Marketing
  3. Content Marketing
  4. Email Marketing
  5. Social Media Marketing
  6. Pay-per-Click
  7. Mobile Marketing
  8. Affiliate Marketing
  9. Video Marketing
  10. Audio Marketing


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