List of Management Theories


The concept of “management” is dynamic in nature. Management deals with human association and behavior hence, having a constant opinion is very non-scientific. Such theories are the evidence of ever changing human behavior. By examining and evaluating the  evolution of management thought, the diverse range of theories have emerged over time. These theories play a very crucial role in guiding, shaping and informing the practice of effective leadership and organizational development.

Over the period of time, different scholars have presented different ideas. From classical theories to contemporary theories, the central ideas have changed. From emphasizing the hierarchical structures to focusing on human relations and innovations, theories have seen a gradual evolution. There are multiple management theories which focus on different management and human related aspects. Some of the evident theories are :

Scientific Management Theory
Human Relation Approach
Maslow’s Need Hierarchy
McClelland Theory of Needs
Theory X Theory Y
Herzberg's Two Factor Theory
System Approach Theory of Management
Contingency Theory
Administrative Management Theory
Classical Management Theory

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